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Jinantuo 6 cubic scraper conquers the plateau

Issuing time:2023-01-30 10:19

Before the Spring Festival, the first 6-cubic loader developed by JCHX arrived at the Pulang Project Department at an altitude of 3,720 meters for industrial testing. This vehicle can be called the star product of JXHX. It is a domestically produced cost-effective diesel scraper designed to meet the market demand for large scrapers.

The R&D team overcame technical problems one after another, and finally ensured the best power output through several calculations and modifications of the power transmission system; using Q460C material, which has high strength and stronger structural parts; inverted six-link Compared with the single-plate structure or other forms of booms, the box-type boom is light in weight, compact in structure, and short in force arm, which can exert greater shoveling force; the hydraulic variable system generates less heat and has good energy saving effect. Effectively improves the service life of hydraulic components; the electrical system adopts CAN bus control to monitor equipment operation data in real time. The driver's cab is equipped with a central display, driving data is highly integrated, the picture is clear, information and fault query are more convenient, and wiring harnesses are used between components connect. Higher reliability and protection level.金安拓6立方铲运机征战高原-稿件配图.jpg

The vehicle has a dead weight of 36t, a rated pressure of the boom system of 29Mpa, a rated load of 14t, an unloading height of 2.4m, a maximum speed of 27km/h, and can achieve 42.5° in-situ steering. It has smooth tires, reverse grip, and a maximum climbing angle of more than 14°. , using engines imported from Sweden SCANIA, which have successful application cases in China. Its power is so powerful that it can be called the king of heavy mining equipment. It can carry heavy loads and take the lead.

Since the industrial test was carried out by the Pulang Project Department at an altitude of 3720m and a temperature of minus 11°C, the engine has been operating normally under conditions such as shoveling ore with different sizes of ore, emergency braking under load, and half-slope start-stop tests. , the vehicle is powerful, there is no black smoke in the exhaust, there is no pungent smell after the water temperature is normal, and all parameters are within the normal range; the traction is sufficient, the gear shifting is smooth, and it can shuttle freely between the mining point and the shaft; the boom movement is coherent , moderate size, no scratches, no alarms; the vehicle height is 2.5m, and its good gripping and driving capabilities can adapt to complex road conditions on the working surface; large torque, large shovel extraction force, cost-effective 6 cubic meters scraper with extremely strong effectiveness.

A new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is accelerating. JCHX will seize the new opportunities brought by technological innovation and actively promote the research and development and application of mining equipment. JCHX Mining Equipment Manufacturing's road to localization, economy, and high-efficiency development will surely become wider and wider!

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